Holistico Design

My Holistic Methodology

Upgrade Your Life

At Holistico Design, mindful, empowering and healing methods drive my design process. This approach allows me to fully understand what solutions you seek and those you may need to create harmony in your life and space. The purpose is to help you have a wellness pace.

My unique Life Harmony & Space assessment tool allows for a trustworthy and better professional relationship. This permits my design process and application of healing techniques to be truly client-focused and well-informed. After all, holistic design is a partnership. My assessment includes the following steps and it applies to both full service and consultation or remodeling projects. This is also true for both interior and exterior design.

Initial consultation

At this time, a thorough conversation with you is my main purpose. I will have many questions for you and will listen carefully to your answers. Together, we review the space, your life goals, attitudes and ​desires during the first meeting. We also look at what we will be working with in the space. At this point, we discuss the project budget, what is your completion timeline and other expectations. In other words, we discuss your plan of things to be done or problems to be addressed.


I carefully analyze your goals for the space and what possible healing methods will be of benefit as well as design ideas that may fit your personality and life. I look at the quality of life you seek, the overall balance needed from the design and how it will fit your lifestyle, your business or career, your family, other relationships and your pets. In other words, I analyze how the space will enhance your unique self as a whole on a daily basis and long-term. The idea is to create a beautiful space that serves as a healthy environment for you and those you care for. This step happens after we decide to work together.


In this step I design a plan. After carefully assessing your needs and goals, I put together holistic design ideas and approach. I delineate the wellness methods to be used and I create a floor plan or site plan with maximized space planning, different materials, finishes, furniture, accessories or plants for garden projects. I may design custom-build items or repurpose (recycle) some of your pieces. We revise all these ideas together and discuss their purpose as well as how they will bring balance and harmony. In this step, any revisions are addressed. 


Once all the plans are approved, we create a schedule, begin placing orders and if necessary, schedule contract work. 


If agreed, I will monitor contract work progress and keep track of the of all the items ordered such as furnishings, accessories and any other element that will shape your wholesome, cohesive space. 


When all contract work has been completed and all the furniture, accessories are ready, the room undergoes the final transformation as all the pieces are installed. If a garden, the transformation happens more gradually but the final touches are always added here. 

Follow up

Interior and garden design is often times not a one-shot deal. Your life may change, personal goals and strategies may need adjusting, or simply you embark on new personal development chapters. I will work with you over the years to help you keep a holistic, balanced and harmonious home, garden, office or store.